May I special order a model or style of furniture that is no longer in production?
    Yes, it’s possible; just make sure to state all your requirements in the order.

How long will my order take to arrive?
    This will depend on the quantity and the type of the product you have ordered. The estimated delivery time will be arranged with the customer before starting the manufacturing process.

Do you offer delivery? If so, how much does it cost?
    Yes, we have a delivery option all over the world. Delivery charges depend on your distance from the closest location as well as the items purchased.

Can I order raw furniture?
    Yes, you can order your furniture in any condition needed.

How can I contact you?
    You can reach us here or by calling +2 057 2 36 26 86

Do you have other branches?
    Yes, We have another Branch In Saudi Arabia.

Can I choose my own colors?
    Yes, it refers to your own point of view and home design.

Do you have ready sets?
    Yes, we have ready sets; meanwhile we can produce tailor made furniture according to customer’s needs.

Can the public tour the El Dawleya facility?
    No, but Eldawleya Company Store at Damietta is open to the public. It's located at 14 Masjed El Nour St. Alharby road.

How can I prevent the wood from drying or sun damage?
    It is advisable to keep the furniture out of the sun as much as possible. To maintain good moisture content in the furniture, use a quality wax without silicon.

Can I put hot dishes or wet glasses directly on the furniture piece? Will wetness affect the finish?
    No. We recommend using hot dish pads and coasters for protection. Water may cause discoloration and other finish/wood damage.

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