About El-Dawleya

Eldawleya Company was established in 1979 in Damietta, Egypt. Since then, the company has been one of the leading furniture companies all over the world. Our team is always interested in researching new technologies that are introduced in the market everyday to maintain the quality and to keep the superiority of our work.

Our integrated designs cover all interior solutions for the modern home. The company executes all of its products according to the customers’ needs. Most of our products are tailored to fit the size, color, and specs of the customer in order to provide an effective unique solution for him. This in return will create an environment that will give the customers a unique space which will help them perform the activities needed there easily depending on their specifications.

Our Mission

To provide customized innovative space solutions to fit our customers expectations.

Our Vision

To be a leading customized interior concept solution provider in Egypt & all over the world.

Our Philosophy

To identify the client’s needs and converting those to choices then assigning the most creative solution to suit the space with full functional properities.

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