Costa Coffee

Our company completed the interior decoration of Costa Coffee branch in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. We were very pleased to work with the team of Costa Coffee because Costa is considered one of the best coffee shops worldwide. In our design, we tried to match and combine the Costa’s International design with the taste of Saudis’ culture.

Lenotre Cafe

Restaurant and Cafe Lenôtre Jeddah is the extension of the most successful restaurant chain of Lenôtre France and is located at Tahlia Street. The evaluation of the restaurant’s guests of the place when it first opened was tremendous. That is why we are very proud that we had the honor of completing the interior work and furnishing the restaurant and we were keen to commensurate with its global brand.

Barwa Company

Our company has been honored to work with BARWA Saudi branch where we were assigned to renovate the interior decoration for the whole company. BARWA’s main activity is real estate projects and we were deeply delighted to co-operate with the company’s team.

Altazej Resturant

Altazej Restaurants opened its first restaurant in Saudi Arabia in 1990. We were fortunate to carry out the work of the interior design of Altazej chain in Jeddah. We were thorough in our designs in order to offer the required comfort to the guests. The restaurants work according to specific criteria, which we have achieved successfully. The final result of our work was tremendously fitting the standards and quality of Altazej Chain.

Diyar International Hotel

Diyar international is the right choice for those who are looking for majesty and comfort. Our company had the honor of furnishing and doing the interior design of the five-stars hotel. The hotel is located one minute away from the mosque of Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, and the hotel’s restaurant overlooks the Grand Mosque. In the design phase, we were mainly concerned about providing residents the welfare and comfort to make their Religious rites easily. The hotel is also designed to suit all guests of businessmen or tourists, as the hotel residents can enjoy tour in the most famous historical sites of the city.

Holiday Villa Madinah

Holiday villa hotel located in Medina is one of our masterpiece works of our company. All the hotel’s rooms are distinguished with wooden furniture with remarkable colors (Ex. dark orange). Every room contains LCD and desk for work with a mini bar. Some rooms have a separate living attached. The hotel has 4 modern restaurants; every one presents different food style and the residents can enjoy eating food in the terrace or in their own rooms.

Royal Dyar Hotel

Royal Diyar Hotel in Medina is an example of the unique taste. It is characterized by the luxury and classic taste in all design. All of its contents lay in a wonderful harmony. Royal Diyar Hotel is located 100 meters away from the Holy Mosque. The restaurant overlooks the Grand Mosque. There are different kinds of suites; two-room suites that consist of two rooms, three-room suites that consist of three rooms. The suites are located in the corner that is facing the Holy Mosque.

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